Bridge the cyber security knowledge gap with an on-demand expert

In the face of a global talent shortage, recruiting a dedicated professional with the knowledge and leadership required to prepare and execute a successful cyber security strategy is time-consuming, expensive and often simply not viable.
Sysrex’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service enables your organisation to call upon a highly-qualified and experienced security professional as and when required. By acting as an extension of in-house resources and fully understanding business needs and strategy, a sysrex Virtual CISO can help to assess cyber-risk plus develop and implement the policies, procedures and controls needed to strengthen defences and achieve compliance standards.

When vCISO guidance could be invaluable

  • Achieving compliance with industry standards such as the GDPR
  • Planning security checks, assessments and reviews
  • Developing and implementing threat management strategy
  • Procuring security products and services
  • Recruiting and training IT and security personnel
  • Responding to and remediating breaches

Why choose a Virtual CISO service?

By selecting a Virtual CISO we help mitigate your organisation’s cyber security risk, benefit from an independent expert familiar with the challenges of managing information security across industries.

Offering a flexible consumption-based approach to security, an experienced and knowledgeable vCISO can be trusted to provide regular counsel, assist on a per-project basis, or help during critical business periods such as mergers and acquisitions.

Our information security officer offers clear advice suitable for technical and non-technical personnel.