Understand your business’ security risk with a managed vulnerability assessment

Business growth, IT obsolescence and new technology trends mean that every organisation’s attack surface is constantly changing. Understanding and keeping on top of new security exposures is therefore central to effective cyber risk management.

Sysrex Managed Vulnerability Assessment service helps to define, identify, classify and address weaknesses across your organisation’s on-premise and cloud networks. Integrating specialist scanning tools and experienced security professionals, it provides the advanced level of support needed to address core vulnerabilities and removes the administrative and maintenance burdens of conducting regular security evaluations in-house.

Key benefits of vulnerability testing

Gain visibility of assets

By analysing your network to identify and classify systems, applications and data, a Sysrex vulnerability assessment helps you to understand how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber-attacks.

Understand effectiveness of defensive controls

A Sysrex vulnerability assessment reviews the capability of your internal and external defences to detect, limit and withstand the latest cyber threats. By thoroughly reviewing current technology, processes and procedures, we enable key stakeholders to clearly understand your organisation’s security posture.

Improve cyber security planning

Sysrex prioritises your organisation’s cyber security risks to highlight those requiring greatest attention. This supports better allocation of defence resources and focus on areas of most concern.

Receive help addressing vulnerabilities

By providing support to help remediate any identified risks, Sysrex Vulnerability Assessment service helps your organisation to reduce its attack surface, therefore preventing or limiting the damage a cyber breach could inflict.

What we assess

Sysrex Managed Vulnerability Assessment service utilises a range of tools, custom scripts and in-house applications to comprehensively analyse your organisation’s IT network, inside and out.

Experienced cyber security professionals review the results of completed vulnerability scans to provide a clear summary report, key recommendations and threat remediation advice.